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Useful information

Hungary is located in one of the most beautiful, in relation to relief, and in one of the most pleasant, in relation to climate, corner of Europe. Except remarkable Budapest divided to Budu on the hills and Pest on the plain you can visit many small towns with ancient history, admire sights within the country.

If you have decided to go by car to neighboring countries, then absolutely nearby such places as Vienna in Austria, Prague in the Czech Republic and also Poland, Germany or the warm southern countries, such as Italy, Croatia and Slovenia are waiting for you.

We would like you to be ready for travelling and to experience a lot of positive emotions. So, we have prepared a lot of useful information for you. You will be able to know where is the best place for travelling  in Hungary, you will understand differences in traffic regulations in other countries and you will be prepared for unexpected situations on the road. All this information and many other things are in our articles:

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