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Why rent a car in Budapest with us

No cancellation fees, book without prepayment

For booking we do not require card information. You pay for car on arrival.

We deserve your confidence

More than 4000 people have already made use of our car rent services and recommended us to their friends and acquaintances.

We accept paying by card and in cash

You can pay for a car rent in any suitable way. The driver will have a payment terminal on hand when delivering the car.

Get the car during an hour

We promise to deliver a car to you during 90 minutes max after your have ordered it. Delivering in Budapest including airport.

Booking by phone

You can call us directly from your hotel and we will take your order by phone. There is no need to fill in online forms or come to our office.

Promotional offers

On our website, we always prepare for you something new. Avail yourself the current offer and get benefits.

Book exact car not a class

Only at us what car you see on foto is the car you get on arrival.

Car inspection before every order

We always check technical condition before your order. You can be sure that the car won’t let you down.

Professional consultation

We will consult you at any time on a car suitable for you in a particular trip, and help you to choose the itinerary.

Our own car fleet

We rent only our own cars. You can choose any available car at our parking and drive it away.

Free parking at the Budapest airport

We organized a free parking for our clients. You won’t have to pay for this service unlike others.

24/7 support on roads

If you have a problem, we will try to solve it as soon as possible. In case of contingency, call us any time around the clock.

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+420 774 078 078
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