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Emergency services in Europe

After you have chosen a car and went travelling across Europe with comfort, it is necessary to remember that there can be emergency situation. You or other people may need help. Therefore, the best option is to have telephone numbers of emergency services which will surely help you.

The most widespread phone numbers for urgent help are “112” (it works in the standard of the GSM system) and also “911” (this number works generally in the USA, Canada, but also in other countries).

 “112” is a common phone number in the majority of the countries of Europe.  You may use it only in cases of emergency. Almost in all countries of European Union “112” works on an equal basis with other numbers of emergency assistance which were in Europe before the accession to the European Union. There are several examples:
- Czech Republic
- Austria
- Germany
- Slovakia
- Switzerland
- Italy
- Hungary
- Croatia

Poland. If you call “112”, you will reach all rescue services. Or to call police use a number “997”, fire department  – “998” or ambulance – “999”.

France. “112” is used for any rescue services. Or you may use such phone numbers as “17”- for police, “15” - for ambulance, “18” - for firefighters.

 But there are countries in Europe where only “112” works. These are such countries as Sweden, Iceland, Denmark and some other. Anyway, the first number which will help you in emergency situation is 112.

Usually all employees of emergency centers speak foreign languages. English is considered to be an obligatory language, but operators of rescue services may know other widespread European languages. Therefore, if you want to get help as soon as possible, we recommend you to learn several standard phrases and answers to them. Operator of rescue services has to ask you several questions in order to understand what service you need. There are several standard questions:

- Where was an accident?
- How many people have suffered?
- What kinds of injuries were occured?
- Who reports about an accident

Translate these phrases into English. You will be able to save your precious time.

The Hire Budapest takes care for the Clients and provides the round-the-clock technical support by phone. Number of support service is always specified on a fob of the car rented by you. If you are in trouble, after making a call to the emergency services call to our technical support line. We will try to help you in resolving problem quicker. Our specialists speak English, Czech and Russian.

While choosing a car you have to remember that the round-the-clock support is essential advantage, because you will know for sure that you won't be left in a trouble.

При выборе автомобиля помните, что круглосуточная поддержка является существенным преимуществом, так как вы будете твердо уверены, что Вас не оставят в беде.

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