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What to see in Hungary

Esztergom (48 km from Budapest)

This town is comfortably located on the hill directly on the bank of Danube. It is one of the most ancient cities of Hungary. Estergom has a rich past. Interesting detail lies in the fact that the border with Slovakia is passed here. Everyone can get it on the bridge through the river. The main sight of Estergom is a grandiose basilica of Saint Adalbert which is the largest one in all Hungary.

full details: www.esztergom.hu

Visegrád (44 km from Budapest)

It is one more of the most interesting places on Danube. There are ruins of fortress and royal palace. The main "remains" is Shalamon tower. The prison was built there in the Middle Ages. The most eminent prisoner was the Count Dracula.

full details: www.visegrad.hu

Szentendre (22 km from Budapest)

It is a charming town. Only walking on paved streets and squares will give you huge pleasure. And if you visit all museums and benches … Sentendre is famous for the artists and sculptors. So, there are a lot of museums and galleries of arts. The museum of wine is also one of the curious museums in Szentendre.

full details: www.szentendre.hu

Gyor (120 km from Budapest)

It is a cozy ancient town. There are many beautiful churches, palaces and lovely lodges in the center. The main sights are cathedral, episcopal castle, church of Carmelites, ensemble of the main square in Szеcsеny.

full details: www.gyor.hu

Eger (140 km from Budapest)

Eger is beautiful Hungarian small town. It is known for the fortress, production of wine and thermal springs. The main sights are a fortress with underground casemates, a palace of archbishop, a basilica of Saint Ioann, St. Anthony of Padua Church, the Turkish minaret, the largest swimming bathhouse «the Turkish baths».

full details: www.eger.hu

Szekesfehervar (85 km from Budapest)

Today Szekesfehervar is one of the most beautiful places of Hungary. Here all Hungarian kings were crowned. There are many beautiful buildings in baroque style. It is recommended to visit a cathedral of Saint Istvan, Town hall and Town Hall Square, the episcopal palace, Vorosmarty theater, the church of Saint Ioann Nepomutsky and the most important thing is not to miss Bory Castle located on the suburb of the city.

full details: www.szekesfehervar.hu

Veszprem (122 km from Budapest)

It is one of the most ancient cities of the country where Hungarian governesses were crowned. The main sights are concentrated on the Fortified hill. Everything has remained practically in the same condition as it was many centuries ago. Places obligatory to visit are Saint Mikhail's cathedral, the episcopal palace, the monument to the king Istvan and his spouse Gisela, Gisela's chapel, a fire tower, the monastery of Order of the piarists, gate of Heroes and square Ovarosh ter located at a hill foot.

full details: www.veszprem.hu

Pecs (238 km from Budapest)

It is very ancient Hungarian city too. Many centuries mixed up absolutely different cultures. The list of sights will tell you about it: Catholic church Belvarosh (it is very similar to mosque), Romance cathedral of Saints Petr and Pavel (the classical temple), buildings of Statehouse and National theater. There is a real mosque (Yakovali Hassan), as well as a synagogue. We recommend you to visit ancient Christian catacombs, the episcopal palace and Barbican which has remained from the city fortifications.

full details: www.pecs.hu

Getterle ( 36 km from Budapest)

It is one of the closest suburbs of Budapest. The city is famous for the chic royal palace which was the official residence of Austro-Hungarian monarchs.

full details: www.godollo.hu

Balaton (135 km from Budapest)

This lake is an important resort region of Hungary. Unfortunately, Hungary has no way to any seas therefore many people go to have a rest on lakes. Lake Balaton has a lot of thermal and mineral springs and it has allowed to build various curative baths here.

full details: www.balaton.hu

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