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What can expect the traveller's car out of Hungary’s borders

Each state has its own traffic regulations which can differ from each other. If you know traffic regulations in the state which you are going to visit, it can help you to save fair amount of money on road penalties. We will give several examples

The government of Austria has toughened penalties for using mobile phones during movement of the car since June, 2016. Now it is forbidden to speak by phone without handsfree. Also any types of manipulations with mobile phone are prohibited too, including putting it on charging while driving.
According to new rules, it is forbidden to write down the address, if a mobile phone isn't used as navigator. Sinners are threatened by a penalty of 50-72 euros. But if the police find out that a driver was talking by phone during the accident, the violator is threatened by a penalty of 2180 euros. The same penalty threatens those drivers who made an accident without showing a turn signal while maneuvering.

Other rules exist in Austria. It concerns using car seats for children. In the Czech Republic, for example, the car seat is obligatory for children whose height is up to 150 cm and weight is up to 36 kilograms. And in Austria using of car seats is considered obligatory for children up to 14 years.

Other rules are also exist for using reflective jackets. They have to be in any car, but not in a boot. And the quantity of jackets has to correspond to the number of passengers.

Similar rules also work in Croatia. Here it is also necessary to have reflective jackets inside of a car. Also, an obligatory item in a car is a fire extinguisher.

Young drivers have to be especially attentive in Croatia. For the drivers under the age of 24 the maximum speed is10 km/h less, than for more senior drivers. the same rules are in the city. If the maximum permissible speed is 50 km/h, the drivers under the age of 24 must drive at a speed of not more than 40 km/h.

People who smoke while driving must pay special attention to this rule. In Italy smoking in the car is forbidden, if you are driving with children under 12 years of age or pregnant women. Those who will break this interdiction can receive a penalty up to 500 euros.

Also, pay attention that if you have taken a bicycle for journey. The penalty threatens for those who hasn't attached a red-white striped square (50 x 50 cm in size) while placing a bicycle behind a car.

Well, and there is a last fact. Italy insists that all cars must be equipped with internationally recognizable sign (sticker), depending on a place of car registration (for example, CZ, SK, A).

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